Surfers Amber and Tommy love their Santa Barbara base, but the prices that come along with those ocean views are costly. Going tiny gives this couple a chance to have it all–owning a home while maintaining easy access to the Pacific Ocean.

“It’s really hard trying to find property for a reasonable price here,” Tommy explains. “Getting a home and having a place to call our own…that’s special for us.”

Amber and Tommy have challenged John and Zack to design a modern, beachy and slightly industrial tiny house with a few more requests:

  • Storage for their numerous (read: 10) surf and paddle boards
  • Second floor loft
  • Deck for entertaining
  • Full-sized bathroom
  • Staircase (instead of a ladder)

You’ll be stoked when you see the results of the custom mobile surf shack for two!

tiny house nationThe living room of the surf shack features a floor-to-ceiling garage door that opens up to nature.

tiny house nationJohn and Zack were sure to include plenty of counter space and storage in the galley kitchen. And the Zack Giffin specialty is the custom, winder staircase with mobile ground steps that have storage.

tiny house nationThe shower features beautiful sapphire blue mosaic tile, reminiscent of the ocean.

tiny house nationTo take advantage of the ocean views, Zack included an outdoor patio right next to the bed.