Joséphine Costes

In a life of a surfer , Hawaii became a must go destination, Joséphine Costes decided earlier this year to acheive one of her dreams and visit for the first time in her life the North Shore of Oahu.
This video features her hawaiian experiences , from surfing the most famous waves in the world ,swimming with turtles or walking down the beach in Waikiki, Joséphine did live her dream.


Tatiana Weston

With the first 2015 World Surf League Championship Tour stop around the corner, Body Glove surfer Tatiana Weston Webb of Kauai shares her hopes and dreams about being the only female rookie on tour. The 18 year old learned to surf from her brother, but it was her mom, a big wave bodyboarder who won a contest at Pipeline, that inspired her competitive drive.

“I am really excited to be competing on the CT. This is where it all starts for me. I don’t know my future, I am just more excited to be living my dream, and I am looking forward to how it’s all going to pan out. I feel like this is the beginning of my life.”


Lucia Martino

Lucia Martiño is the first girl out of the 5 activists we followed for the “What girls want?” Program. She joined a Dakine photoshoot to Canary Islands last may. During the 4 days with her we discovered a young skilled girl willing to have fun on her board like every wave was the last one. If you’re lucky enough to share a session with her you’ll witness one of the best european surfer who will get her name on the global map in no time. Early august she won the Lacanau pro Jr and this is just the beginning for her. Prepare to see her nice smile and tricks more often from now on!


Brianna Cope