Xensr Inc. just released Wave Replay. In short, it takes the Xensr Air 3D GPS into an accurate and detailed surf tracking device. Surfers around the world can track their surf sessions like never before with detailed analytics and 3D replay of their rides showing every bottom turn, hit, and air. Wave ReplayTM also measures swell height, and Xensr is the only surf tracker with this ability. Mounted to the surfboard, Xensr Air 3D GPS measures and records pretty much everything the board and surfer does during their sessions.

Xensr Wave Replay provides the following surf analytics:

Number of waves caught.
Number of waves attempted.
Fastest speed per wave.
Length of each wave ridden.
Paddle time/surf time splits.
Paddle distance/surf distance splits.
3D replay of board motion.
Measured swell height.

For more info check out Xensr.com