Brunotti is stoked to share the new spring/summer ’16 campaign #getonboard [available in 4K quality]

The campaign announces Brunotti’s powerful mission; to get everybody on board. Shot along the mythical and majestic coastline of Capetown with our 2016 gear. Our RDP – Rider Developed Product range is developed together with our developers, engineers, marketeers, riders and other colleagues. With this team we have all of the ingredients to create, develop and produce the best products out there. Making a collection or trying a new board sport, it’s all about taking risks, sharing knowledge, trusting your own strengths and going home with a smile. Why so serious we asked our selves and decided to mix up the disciplines of our riders to challenge them in a different boardsport. After all Brunotti is an All Board sports Lifestyle brand.

We can’t make you a better rider, but we can help you enjoy to becoming one.