The advent of the GoPro was revolutionary.

Fundamentally transcendent, to say the very least. Never before did the public have such convenient access to the unparalleled feeling of being inside a tube. Of course, nothing (yet) beats the real thing, but it provided a high-quality glimpse that was about as close as one can get to getting barreled without actually having to surf.

Today, engineers are working tirelessly to develop new ways to incorporate virtual reality in, for example, media and entertainment. Case in point, the video above gives you the ability to ride along with Ireland’s Ollie O’ Flaherty, putting you in control of a 360° view inside a beautiful Irish barrel. The crazy thing is that this technology is still in its adolescence. As computers continue to improve in speed, power, and capability, so will virtual reality, providing an enhanced, fully-immersive virtual experience. And if that somehow means that surfers will be able to get their fix without having to visit the beach, well, then I will welcome that technology with open arms.