With the advent of social media, the world has been introduced to way more, and way weirder, holidays than we ever thought could exist. Like National Barbershop Quartet Day, National Talk Like Shakespeare Day or National Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day. The list goes on.

Today’s holiday may pique your interest: It’s National Nude Day (and, in quite the coincidence, also National Hot Dog Day).

If you need ideas on how to celebrate, check out how the top action sports athletes rock their birthday suits, and like Tommy Pickles says, enjoy being nakey (unless, you know, you’re a never nude).

Surf naked like Coco Ho

coco ho surfs naked
Coco Ho surfs naked in Hawaii for the 2014 ESPN Body Issue. Photo courtesy ESPN.com/Morgan Maassen

The benefits of saltwater as an exfoliant for the skin are widely understood. So why not treat your whole body to a little loving, and celebrate the early summer by paddling out sans bathing suit?

As Coco Ho said after surfing naked for ESPN’s Body Issue in 2014, it might be intimidating at first, but after a few waves you’ll be, “just cruising around naked and having a blast.”

Really amplify that ‘wind in your face’ feeling by riding a dirt bike naked like Ryan Dungey

Ryan Dungey ESPN Body Issue
No word on whether Dungey’s new, aerodynamic style will be allowed in competition. Photo: Courtesy of ESPN the Magazine

You know that sublime feeling on a really hot summer day when you’re wearing something light and a soft breeze rolls through?

Well, if you simply take a 250cc dirt bike you can amplify it by about tenfold like motocross superstar Ryan Dungey did this year for his ESPN Body Issue shoot.

Sure, the chances of you catching a muffler burn might be slightly increased, but it’s a small price to pay for freedom.

Get zen with naked yoga

Spine time.
Luba Shumeyko, a yogi, model, and the wife of photographer Petter Hegre. Shumeyko is featured in Hegre’s show, “Luba Nude Yoga.” Photo: Courtesy of Petter Hegr

The practice of nagna yoga (naked yoga) has been around since ancient times, and is meant to help the practitioner achieve a higher spiritual level.

So meditate, light some candles, and take your eagle pose to the next level by shedding all your clothes like famed yogi and model Luba Shumeyko.

Embrace that mountain air by skiing naked

Naked skiers from the new film "Valhalla"
Naked skiers from the film “Valhalla” ready to drop into Canadian powder. Photo: Varhalla









So, this might be a little difficult for anyone living in the Northern Hemisphere and not within arm’s reach of huge mountains with glaciers, but hey, if there’s snow nearby, you might as well capitalize.

Follow the lead of top pros like Sierra Quitiquit and go skiing in the buff. It’ll help inject a little extra adrenaline into your next ski run, and so long as you don’t catch frostbite, it will be a great story to tell all your friends.