From 86-year-old grandmas doing backflips to the largest-ever Sumo wrestler gathering, there are some crazy and ridiculous world records out there.

Some, of course, are simply bizarre while others are a bit more relatable. Like this one: the world’s biggest surfboard ever made.

Around this time last year, 66 people climbed on top of a 42-foot, 1,100-pound board that was a giant version of Brett Simpson’s shortboard, breaking the record for the most people to have ever ridden on a single wave on a single surfboard. And what better place to break that record than in Surf City, USA? Now, more than a year later, the same board has a permanent home at Huntington Beach’s International Surfing Museum as a memento to some of the weirdest surf history ever. Here is the whacky story behind the biggest surfboard ever made.