Here are a couple of inspiring videos featuring Californian surf photographer Chris Burkard. Both well worth a watch…

The first is a great little short film via Insivity: In their words: “Follow photographer Chris Burkard through his daily routine as he seeks out inspiration and discusses his passion for landscapes and how to be challenged in your work.”

[su_quote cite=”Chris Burkard”]It’s never enough just to observe, I always want to be involved.[/su_quote]

And secondly, Korduroy.Tv interviewed Chris, creating this cool feature video. In their words: “Despite only being in his mid twenties, Chris Burkard has already amassed an amazing portfolio of images. In this interview Chris talks art, business and localism.”

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is well known as a unique visionary whose photography as the ability to catapult the viewer into the moment. At 26 years old, Chris has accomplished a style and composition all his own, leaving many to instantly recognize a “Burkard Photo”. Through his photography, Chris strives to capture the moments in between, and to document the lifestyle of the sport, not just the action.