Surfboards are one of a surfer’s most precious items. They are unique – designed not only to suit your body type but they also reflect your personality.

You might not be an artist but luckily there are talented women like Chanti Mai out there to help.

Chanti Mai grew up in the Netherlands but was born in Indonesia. She’s a yoga teacher, masseuse and surfer with an amazing talent for decorating surfboards with her impressive doodles.

While recovering from cancer back in 2013, Chanti didn’t have enough energy to surf – so she started doodling mandalas for fun.

A friend picked up on her talent and soon she had other surfers asking for her designs to be drawn on their boards.

Her artwork is based on a mixture of ancient patterns, nature and observations from travelling around the world.

We are big fans of this mermaid design.

Interested in getting Chanti to draw on your board? Find out more about Chanti’s design work on her website.